author - peach (bjorkmoth)

my name is stacey. i'm something like a mix between an alien, a feral cat and a country bumpkin living in the WASP suburbs of new york. my main talent is closing my mind to human constructs, which of course leads to a lot of contradictory behavior. i work with gouache, my dreaming, and the spirit world.

my tumultuous and passionate relationship with the creative process has been reflective of my own life. you'll probably get the feeling that i've been able to focus all of my attention into my painting as though i have nothing to lose. that's because i have indeed been there. however, my voice has been slowly turning into something new. you'll hear more from me again as soon as i settle into it- i've been honored the urgency to re-create myself as a painter as soon as it happens.

please contact me via comment on my blog account with interest in collaboration or other inquiries:

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