author - stacey s. (bjorkmoth)


My name is Stacey- I'm a a self-taught writer and painter originally from New York. My favorite medium for painting is gouache. That which guides my heart (as expressed through my painting) is my 'animism', the power of healing, and my dreaming.

At present, my voice is turning into something new. This is being expressed through a mixed media, 'hybrid' manuscript in the works called Honey. Otherwise, I have a choice to feel sad that I've been inactive as a painter, but I'd rather observe this as a time for introspective 're-shaping' instead. As soon as I settle into who I'm transforming into spiritually, I will re-introduce my abilities as a painter to the world with more gusto and joy than ever.

I'm often interested in hearing from others about their creative processes. Please contact me via e-mail with any inquiries regarding collaboration, prices, or anything related to my work or yours:

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